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I have worked with Martina and the entire EURES-TIM for many years on various projects and events they have organized for the Renault Group brands. With their expertise and the highest quality of execution and organization, they have succeeded in raising each new event to an even higher level, and thus the level of industry-level expectations (both automotive and event management) as well.

For the past couple of years, they have certainly distinguished themselves with their focus on differentiation with the organization of “special dinners”. In this organization, not only is the focus placed on the highest degree of enogastronomy spectrum (to which Martina’s continuous training contributes), but also on the arrangement of space with audio-visual effects and scenographic elements.


Brand Engagement Manager,
Groupe Renault

From the very first event she organized for Mazda, Martina has shown that she and her team perfectly understand the needs of the client and the brand they work with. Throughout the years, we have built a partnership in which Martina has managed to delight us every time with ideas, execution and small details that make all the difference.

It is extremely easy to achieve a warm and honest relationship with this type of agency that constantly invests in its knowledge, and you can always count on it to deliver you not only the experience you wanted but more than that.

In the case of EURES-TIM, the phrase “turnkey system” is more than just a phrase.


Marketing Manager for Southeast Europe,
Mazda Motor Croatia

Given the size of our team on the one hand, and the number of markets we cover on the other hand, it is very important to us that the partners we work with become our “affiliated members”. This has been so with EURES-TIM from the very first project.
In the past 4 to 5 years of our cooperation, we have held a great number of large and small events, meetings and promotions in several countries.

There are no big and small projects for Martina, as she approaches every project with inexhaustible energy and complete focus, while making sure that the perfect result consists of perfect details.

And most importantly – although I am familiar with the content of the events in advance, I always impatiently await the execution. Martina is the master of surpassing your expectations.


Director for Southeast Europe,
Mazda Motor Croatia